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who those 'GIF girls' are... (also, OT, but note the new Tae Yang icon. WOOF!)


Andrew's Guide to: Wonder Girls

And they are.........who?

Bio, long version-


Bio, short version- Wonder Girls is a 5 member Korean girl group currently poised to come to America. Most known for their smash hit 'Tell Me', they are currently trying to break out of the 'cute' mold and have a sexier image as a group, showcased by their latest Single 'So hot' which is a parody of sorts of women too full of themselves.

How'd you find them?

A long time ago, in a post about them in ohnotheydidnt where I looked up their song 'Tell me'. I didn't really become interested in them until around last week when their new single dropped however.

What's their sound? their best songs?

{To best get a feel for them, you should listen to these though (30 seconds to a minute)}. On their debut album, they favored a 80s pop as well as R & B sound, as best heard in 'I wanna'-

They have a knack for really great harmonies at times, like in 'So what/what about it?'

'Move' -

and 'Take It'

Oh ok, so, Who's who? And rank them in your preference.

First, is 18 year old Sun Ye:

(in Tell me she's the one with the framed bangs and wavy brown ponytail)

If you don't remember anyone else, you'll remember her. She's the one with the strong voice that's belting out ALL the major notes in the posted song. In most of their songs actually, and she usually has the lead/opening vocal in their songs. She's also said to be the hardest working.

Next on my list is Yoo Bin, who's also 18:

before I was into this group, she was the only one who I remembered because she is the group's rapper. She replaced Hyun A after her parents pulled her out of the group due to her Chronic Gastroenteritis. I also love her singing voice, heard doign the lead vocal on one of the songs from their newest single, 'This Time'

See? gorgeous voice! (note how one of them didn't have her own solo heh heh XD )

Next is a tie between Sun Mi and Ye Eun-

(Sun Mi on the right, Ye Eun on the left)

I really like them both sort've equally, though Sun Mi edges out Ye Eun just barely in the outfits department sometimes. But yeah, both have solid voices and are just great. (I'm still trying to distinguish their voices actually XD )Sun Me just turned 16, while Ye Eun just turned 19.

Finally, we have the most popular member for anybody but me, So Hee, the youngest member at 15:

She's.......eh. Her voice sounds flat a lot, and she really can't sing live-

ick. :/ but I do like her on their new song 'You're Out' also on the 'So Hot' single -

so really, she just sort've ended up on the bottom.

So, what exactly makes them special?

They have amazing voices and harmonies, and they seem to be a lot of fun also. Check out that above video in YooBin's spot. They can actually sing live, and GOOD too. Studio Quality good, which is impressive. Not to mention that they seem really close and are really just cute all around.

any miscell info?

Here's their new single, which has grown on me, but I must say that I liked it least on that single.

But I digress, I know they won't be for all of you, but I like their pop sensabilities, and I'm hopeful that there next album will really make them popular everywhere!
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