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Avatar-gate 09: It's NOT over!

Ok, so while they're going ahead and keeping their casting choices, that doesn't mean we still can't show our anger at the cast/project as is!

There are a few new recources. Well one, but it's in both Website and LJ community forms -
racebending is the LJ version, active with tons of news. Apparently, ethnic people are perfect for the background, but not the main characters. I guess they think it will camoflague the heroes? yeah, ok.

The best of all the stellar posts - The community casts the movie -


All the Katara choices are great, but nothing's more on than Chiaki Kuriyama (aka Gogo From Kill Bill) as Azula. NOTHING.

http://racebending.com/ is the website version, which while not as good as the LJ community has some great graphics you should put EVERYWHERE -


Including the infamous DeeDee Rickets kimono quote (seriously bitch, WTF!?!)

They've only just begun to film, and I won't quit until something major happens to change it all, or at the very least, we get major media coverage.
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