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Style Starz

So, with no Winx Club this morning, I decided to spend my time Re-dressing Fianna (it's just Fifi now, by the way. LOL: Fifi and Frannie XD ), Roxxi and Phoebe. I couldn't get the camera to work, but I do have pics, 'taken' by putting the dolls on my scanner and scanning them, putting a whie peice of paper over them, so here's how it turned out:


The scan can't capture her beauty, but trust me- she's gorgeous! She reminds me of those girls who would waitress on skates in the 50s

She's wearing:

*FBF Jade's headband (though you can't really see it)

*the diamondz jade leftover chain from when I made her necklace a chocker (in her hair; the neck thing is just some leftover ribbon from one of the handles of the packages)

*those gold, leaf-like earrings I got from Lori

*and the top of her 2nd outfit with her frilly Princess Skirt and original shoes sans the tights.

I also seperated her ponytail into two pieces and twisted them. She so cute now! The pic, is of course, chaos as she looks two shades darker than she is except for on her face. The shine on the lipstick is fabulous though.



*Original earrings & necklace

*Phoebe's 'good girl' shirt and her pink fuzzy coat with the rose

*Eloise's pink plaid skirt

*Stockings hiked up to look like tights

*alternate shoes.

This was actually my first Re-styling of a bigger bratz girl. I'm so proud of it, and everything balances out nicely. I had to scan her twice to get a decent picture. She, along with Roxxi, were the best of the scans by far. the other scan had her hair al crazy and covering everything. The best way to describe her hair would be that it's cut similar to LiC Sasha's.



*kidz sisters silver barrette

*The Kiana 'star dangle' earrings with the gold stars (they came with the princess Fiannas)

*Sienna's netted top

*Rock Angels small black bracelets (right arm) and her original Bracelet (left arm)

*Original Jeans and shoes

Everyone else had on something new, so I had changed her into the Rock angels stuff Nevs sent, but then I thought of the green in her pants and how it would look nice with Sienna's star top. This is my favorite scan, if for the lipstick alone. I mean, how cool is that?



*Silver hoop earrings that kidz Yas had in their picfic

*Two little black slide barrettes (the ones like yas but instead of the butterfly, it's just flat on top)

*Princess Fianna's Silver Necklace

*Original top

*Princess Jade's bracelets & skirt

*Eloise's (PnP Jade) boots

The hardest part about this was finding the right shoes. Elle just has the 'stocking' heels that Sienna wore, since her pants cover her feet anyway. While Roxxi's scan is my favorite, I think that Phoebe's scan is the coolest of the set, and the feet positioning is genius.

and, since she's so modified, Kidz Sasha, along with Mandy:

My first re-style was Sasha, who's wearing Lil's original outfit with the pink fashion pack shoes, a black rubber band thing, and the bracelets, barrettes and earrings sent to me by Nevs. You can't tell from the scan, but Sienna gave Mandy her pink earrings since they were the only ones that looked good on her ther than the original ones. Y'know: the ones that look like they have gum on them XDD

She only wears them at night to bed though: she likes to be glam like that. I really like that combination of the top and bottom and only use the top that matches the 'flower' PJs with the spare pair of Yasmin's jeans.

I was going to scan everyone else, but eh....too much effort XP

So, what do you think, besides the fact that I desperately need a camera?

after posting the pics to both Nevra and Lori's journals, I had began to work on the final chap of 'Boy' since I was reminded in a review that it has been a year since I had posted. ick: I never wanted to be that author XP, but I understand how it happens to them now. I'd say I'm around 55-60% done with the censored version for ff.net and half way done on the full uncensored version. ugh

Besides that, I mostly lazed around and watched tv. I've been slowly decorating the tree since we never did all week. I wanted to have it finished by the time they got home, but there's way too many ornaments to do at once so...no. I'll finish the section on the fic that I'm on, Wash the dieshes, pack up the girls and head for bed.

No video today: I'm just that tired and I don't feel like looking for one, okies?

Well, that's all for now

Till later,

Bye Bye boo!
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