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Christmas loot & first Mandy photo

Mom left to go somewhere with joe, so no time to really post, bet basically, best christmas ever! Here's what I got:

*New Headphones

*'Bod man' fragrance spray

*Aiptek pocket DV5100M Digital Camera {the same one that Ai-Chan has ^^}- Yes! It's pretty good actually, but I need a higher quality one since it's really better for group shots instead of close-ups, as shown by this quick photo shoot with Mandy:

(I really love all four of these, and wish the other three were clearer. That's her day outfit. her night Pjs are the dress-shirt and patterned pants. The Barrettes are really cute on her, ne?) but for now, it definitely works and I prefer it greatly to the scanner (the kidz do too ^^)

*$100-Woot! so 2.0 Cloe & Jade, SOA Sasha and Gabrielle (if she's still there) are pretty much set in stone. The left over cash will be more than likely be sent to Lori for Prilla and Bess ^^ I could spend it on Sweetheart Dana, but I'm not that in love with her. She's just on the FYC list, which are basically dolls that I want, but can wait on.

but yay! loves it. Today's wid is, appropriately enough Tommy heavenly6's 'I ♥Xmas'. It's really cute, and I hope you enjoy it!:

Video Link

Anyway, that's all for now! (mom could be back soon XP)

Till later,

Bye Bye Boo!
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