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Photo shoot: alternate cour four

Ok, before you ask, when I say alternative, it's not the same as with Nev's in that they are the enimies of the core four. all I'm saying is that it's a different core four. anyway, here are my pics. I did individual shots (five each; the full length and best close up were used to make these) of Mandy, Miwa, Lil and jinra before doing a few group photos:

She didn't really need more solos, but I had her with me, and she set the pace of the shoot. I like these of her.

a lot of her close ups were blurry, so this was really the only good one.

Hands down, the best photos overall. The close up is my favorite individual picture of her.

Her lips got washed out a bit, and this was definitely the best of all her close-up as well as the one where you could see her lips the best.

and now, group photos:

This has to be my all time favorite of this group of photos and maybe of all the ones I've taken ever. I just love everything about it to peices. I might end up using it for some sort of kidz_fans related thing.

These are the other two that I really love

I'm not as pleased with this one, but I like the idea behind it.

This was the first photo I did of all four girls together. It's an 'ok' shot for me.

Mandy is really the star of this group, but Lil's solos came out the best. Jinra's barrette is Jij Delancey's flower. It doesn't really watch her outfit, but it's cute enough. I might have her switch top with Miwa, though, so that it'll match better.

When I get 2.0 Cloe and SOA Sasha, they will join this group. Miwa has decided though to be the kidz photographer, so I'll have 2.0 jade take her place and Miwa will be with me directing the pictures.

Anyway, that's all for now (Mom's just dropping Lloyd off at his friends out, so she should be back any minute now >.<;;). I'm going to use today to get pics of the other kidz girls indiviually, a big group shot of all of them, and then a few pics of the Industrial World Princesses. ^^

Till Later,

Bye Bye Boo!
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