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The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of pikapika217

A would-be Author's search for peace, happiness and really cute boys.

Fabrice Fabrice
External Services:
  • pikapika217@livejournal.com

{lifted from CosmicPudding account}

Name: Andrew, Manny, Drew

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Orientation: Gay

Alter ego: I guess my fiction journal counts

Location: Florida.

Star Sign: Taurus

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

AIM account: Drewski211117

LiveJournal: pikapika217(regular LJ), homo_genius (where you’ll find all of my uncensored stuff, should I write any.)

Yahoo account: Oekaki217

Muses: Ummm....Good stories with well thought out plot lines and well rounded characters

Favorite music: Assorted R&B, J-pop, J-rock, and anime songs, but I’m willing to give pretty much anything a chance.

Favorite games: SSX series (except for the 1st one, ech! and 'On Tour' was crap as well), DDR Max 2, Kingdom Hearts

Experience: sticking up to my mother

Obsessions: Sparko, Seanco, Gravitation, The Wallflower, Tokyo Mew Mew... I’ll come back to this:

Favorite Parings (will edit...maybe...)

Video Games

Kingdom Hearts--Sora/Riku, Leon/Sora, Cloud/Leon Sid/Sephiroth


Gravitation: Yuki/ Shuichi, Sakano/K, Shuichi/Hiroshi, Hiroshi/K, Hiroshi/Tatsuha


Princess Ai: Kent/ Hikaru, Yoshi/Takeshi


Harry Potter- Harry/Draco, Harry/Fred or George, Harry/Percy, Fred/George, Harry/Oliver Wood, James/Sirius, Remus/ Snape, James/Remus, James, Snape

TV Series

Boy Meets World- Shawn/Cory, Shawn/Eric, Cory/Jack

Desperate Housewives- Andrew/Justin, Justin/John, John/Andrew/Justin , Andrew/Peter

Grey's Anatomy- George/Alex, George/McDempsy,

House- House/Wilson, House/Foreman, House/Wilson/Foreman, House/Chase

Degrassi- Spinner/Marko, Jimmy/Craig, Jay/Dylan, Sean/Marko, Sean/Jay

Gossip Girl: Chuck/Dan, Chuck/Nate, Nate/Dan, Eric/Chuck, possibly Dan/Eric


Pirates of the Carribean: Jack/Will

Another Gay Movie: Griff/Jared

Who are you?

Former college student and lover of most things cute. Currently, my biggest interest is photography, and moving away from my mother. What else.....oh! I have a mild case Aspergers' Syndrome and work for a center focusing on helping disabled find their way in society, but just in the cafeteria as a cashier. I'm pretty mellow, most of the time, and fairly open minded. I write slash stories for a variety of fandoms for fun, and I eventually want to write gay romance books. Well, rather, books that feautre gay romance as one of its themes, but not even that major of one.Umm, what else........ did I already mention that I'm a lover of most things cute?

Layout: by me

I cycle through different Mood themes. Here's where I got them all:

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*Sinfest mood theme used with permission, by it's creator tsahacker; ask him yourself for it.
*Disney Faries mood theme made by snowwhiteicons
* Kuro x Fai mood theme made by rokubantaichou

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I'm the offical, the only! pyo ^.~

In America, about 1 out of 20
high school students identify
themselves as gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgendered.
I am one of them!
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